There is almost a total reliance on DNA tests as evidence throughout the justice system. This includes areas of criminal, family and immigration law. These tests are claimed to have an absolutely certain result yet there are many examples available where opposing results have been achieved. This causes other clear evidence to be ignored. Widespread fraud and error is ignored by the media because scientists continue to claim despite the evidence, there is nothing wrong with their tests..

Pat Farnell with daughter 1981. Children cheated by false DNA tests donít just lose their right to financial inheritance but also to know their genetic health inheritance Ė thus affecting generations to come.

   Eg. Scientists claim the likenesses of a child to a man who admits to being on intimate terms with a woman when she becomes pregnant is not an indication that DNA Paternity tests which give a negative result (showing the person is not the father) are false.

   Despite widespread hype and false claims by the scientific fraternity relating to many pharmaceutical drugs, the whole system of media, governments, lawyers and courts has been slow to question claims of science for DNA tests. The devastating consequences to victims of fraudulent tests is a huge cost to taxpayers.

   Just as credit card fraud increased with increased usage, so it is with total reliance on DNA tests as evidence. Falsification of DNA tests is already a global problem as evidenced by even the most cursory search of the Internet. Two US scientists have contacted me. One confirms he has assisted in resolving SEVERAL fraud cases including gaining compensation for victims with far less evidence than I have. Here, lawyers, judges, and the whole system are ignorant and naÔve, or! just too lazy to genuinely examine clear proof and truth that fraud and corruption DO exist in Australia.

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